The Orlyya Farm is located in the middle of the Ramat-Negev region, at the heart of the beautiful Negev desert scenery in the South of Israel
The unspoiled and breathtaking surroundings are 5 km from Midreshet Ben-Gurion
The farm is named after the priest of the love goddess, Aphrodite, who represents feminine power and wisdom and who, legend has it, is buried in the ancient Nabatean city of Avdat (5 km from the farm).
Avdat, itself, was founded along a commercial trading route of the ancient world with caravans carrying perfumes and spices from Yemen to the ports at Gaza
The typically dry and warm climate in the area offers magnificent starry nights during the summer when you can relish the warm desert breeze. In winter you can enjoy our heated cottages and indulge yourself with a steaming cup of our delicious herbal tea


Our Vision
As a family who lives in the desert, we wish to share the very powerful experience of bonding with the earth
and with oneself In building the farm, we put much emphasis on environmental preservation and great measures were taken to cause as little damage as possible to the beautiful natural surroundings.
The cottages, themselves, were built with regard to wind direction and the sun’s natural course during the day, so that the cottages are passively heated during the winter
and passively cooled in the summer

Accommodations & Cottages



Come and visit our special ecologically designed cottages Built and designed with special attention to environmental preservation
our cottages are integrated into, and emphasize the stunning desert scenery
Our cottages include high quality features such as: Air-conditioning ,a fully equipped kitchen, beautifully designed sitting areas indoors and outdoors, a bed, a dining area, an
enchanting bathroom
Please note: No parking or driving near the cottages.
Access to cottages is by a short stroll (100 meters) from the car park, on a picturesque desert path
At present the cottages are not suitable for people with special needs or handicaps




700 ILS per night per couple
(650 ILS per night if booking two nights or more)

:Thu-Sat and Holidays
1600 ILS per couple for 2 nights (minimum)

For reservations
Please call Tel: 077-7296907(mobile phone) and leave your
name, phone number and the dates you wish to you


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